Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Wonder of the World

I've notice a lack of wonder lately. I'm talking about the decline in our culture--Americans in particular--in believing in something outside of the tangible. This might be God, faeries, dragons, or even polycorns. It doesn't matter what type of intangible being it is, if there is no scientific proof, people tend to be skeptical--if not have a complete disinterest in the subject. A fact that is rather odd, considering our overall obsession with Harry Potter and now Stephenie Meyer's Twilight saga. Why is it that we can buy these things in books--not just buy but crave them--yet when it comes to the "real" world we just shake our head when some comes up and asks us if we believe in God or if we see a picture/story like this posted online?

Granted, novels are accepted as fiction. But even in their understood fictional realm, why do so many people want them to be real? How many would prefer to be wandering around the world-- wand in hand, repairing glasses and apparating from one location to the next--to being able to see God face to face?

I don't really know what I'm trying to get at here, just random musings from this addled and jaded noggin. Though if anything comes to mind that wraps this idea up, its from the new Hellboy flick, when Prince Nuada tells Hellboy that humans will continue to destroy the magical beings until they are extinct, then so eloquently puts it, "And the world will be poorer for it."

I'm not saying you should believe in centaurs and elves, or even God for that matter--each to her own--but just don't be so closed minded about the existence of elements that science hasn't been able to--and never will--understand.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Expensive Habit

So my love for Dr. Pepper has now become rather costly. After visiting the dentist yesterday--the x-rays, the scrapping, the mantra of "floss, floss, floss,"--I had to go back again today, where we discussed the condition of my teeth and the expenses involved with fixing them. On top of the numerous cavaties, I apparently have a cracked tooth that requires a crown. They've assured me that it will look just like a regular tooth, but for the amount of money it costs, I'd prefer it to look like a golden nugget that was born with diamond tumors. Freaking ridiculous. However, I doubt that this fact will dampen my NEED for the Dr. Pepper and pellet ice.

I was able to post a new comic today, so check it out and pretend it's funny. And if my creations don't thrill you, here is a site that should thrill you. If not, then I don't know why you're even bothering with me.

And hopefully I can figure out Paypal's mahopper and I'll be able to put up a donation button. Wacom, here I come.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


What you have here is an example of the incentives, or Thank Yous, that I mentioned yesterday. I haven't actually got it all set up--I hopefully will within the next day or two--but for anyone willing to donate $25 to my Wacom Intuos cause, I will custom make the magnet of your choice. They will be around three inches tall, and be in the similar cartoonish-style of He-Man here. As the week progresses, I'll post more examples of what these things look like, give you a sense of my range and morbidity.

But what if you don't have 25 bucks and you still want to help me? Then, I'll send you an original doodle--more than likely a robot or an angel, since I tend to draw many of them. (Though, of course, if you donate less than the amount of the cost of a stamp and my time (e.g. a buck or less) you will get a thank you note but no drawing.)

And if some fantastical unicorn drugs you into wanting to donate more than $25, I'll get you a magnet AND list your name as a producer on the first animated film completed with my tablet.

Honestly, I feel like a total douche bag for doing this, but the ads have generated me a whopping $.01 in the last 24 hours. And patient man that I am, I would like to buy a tablet before I'm thirty-five. I'm sorry for doing such a thing, but that's why I'm trying to give you something in return.

In other, more free entertainment type things, a new comic will be up tomorrow, and I've got a review up for Step Brothers here.

Thanks again for your time and support of this here weirdo.

Monday, July 28, 2008

I've Joined the Ad Whore Ranks

But I have a purpose. No doubt you've noticed the random ads along the side of this here bloggy blog and possibly the ad across the bottom. They are there for one reason and one reason alone: I'm trying to get me a Wacom Intuos and raise the funds anyway possible. This will include a donation box, which will include perks that I will discuss tomorrow, my selling of a portion of my extensive video game collection, and possibly spending weekends on the side of the road with shabby clothes and a cardboard sign that says, "College student, has degrees but wants to follow dreams instead."

Once I have said tablet, many a projects will be in the works. We will see the construction of the titular comic, "We've Got Brains" will be back on a guaranteed weekly basis, Milos should be coming back around again, and some random animations will happen soon after.

In other news, my review for Jellyfish is up here, and there will be a disappointed review for Step Brothers. And as an added, belated bonus, I'm going to try and get a review for Hellboy 2: The Golden Army together in the next day or two.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Ready to Step in Line for the Brothers

While it will probably, yet again, be a reprisal of Farrell's man-child/rich-idiot role, Step Brothers still looks quite amusing. I plan on seeing it today and hopefully have a review up by Monday--at the latest.

I'm also hoping to get a review up for Jellyfish. I went and checked it out last night. It's a mighty fine little film, and I suggest anyone should see it if they still have a chance to do so.

Other than that, my week long bachelorhood is coming to an end on Sunday, and my obession with PlayRadioPlay has deepend. Their newest, actually only, full-length album, Texas, is the second, maybe third, "real" album that I've bought from a store and not just downloaded. Every now and then it's nice to purchase something solid. I've always like flipping through the album insert, and I have rather missed the art that goes into some of them. Honestly, one of my secret wishes is to do an album cover for someone, but, then again, I suppose any half-marginally talented artist has the same desire. Look, ma, I'm just like everyone else...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Moved Into Action

I watched Babel last night. Talk about a film where crap upon crap is piled on the characters, and for no real reason--at least from what I could see. It's more just like an interconneced shit-storm than a film with growing, complicated characters. If anything, it's a cautionary tale against making everyday choices. Who knows what little decision you might make and the repercussions it might cause. It may be well directed, but the script needed some work.

However, it gave me the time and oppurtunity to get a new comic online. So enjoy. I can't guarantee that they will be a weekly occurence anymore.

In other news, I'm completely obsessed with the band PlayRadioPlay, and I have no idea why. Normally, that kind of geek rock would just piss me off, but I can't get enough of that whiney teen's voice--the dude is only 18. Check them out if you're bored and/or into happy-inducing music.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The State of Things

Most likely it's because of my lack of tablet, but I'm having trouble finding any sort of "umph" to make a new comic--and I even had an idea for today. Sadly, I think I'm finally starting to realize that I need to focus all of my creative energies onto one project at a time. Maybe this is just a lame excuse to keep me from forcing all of my free time into writing and drawing. Maybe it's just a backlash of actually being busy at work. Maybe I'm just lazy.

Regardless of which maybe it is, there probably won't be a new comic today. And with what last week was, I apologize for this. Who knows, maybe I'll find some hidden reserve of energy hiding out in my jejunum and slap something together tonight, though this is doubtful since I plan on seeing Jellyfish tonight.

Hopefully, if I do put this whole comic biz on hold, I can get the next draft of my novel done faster than last time. Plus, my stupid critical paper is already starting to loom and put a dark cloud of creativity block over my noggin. Luckily, I have the new Mindless Self Indulgence album, "If", and a band I just recently discovered, PlayRadioPlay, to get me through the haze.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


While I was waiting in line to purchase my tasty Dr. Pepper with pellet ice, a candy name caught my eye. A carmel chew pop, not unlike a Sugar Daddy, with the name of Slo Poke.

Seriously, regardless of how pure times were back in the day, with a name as chock full o' innuendo as that, you'd think one of the higher ups might say, "Hey, guys, I think we need to change this."

Perhaps it is merely my own perversion, and I don't doubt this. But how many others crack a grin when they spy unintentional porn--even if it is a stretch of the imagination?

Monday, July 21, 2008

I'm Home

Just for the sake of appreciating what you have, it's good to spend some time away from home. You forget how comfortable your own bed is, how loving your cats can be, and just the familiarity of your pictures on the wall, the arangement of furniture, the collection of DVDs.

I hope you all enjoyed the bits of entertainment, I threw your way. They amused me greatly, and I would recommend checking out the additional material from Jon LaJoie and Brad Neely. Those two guys are geniouses.

As for my residnecy, all went well. I'm going to be working with Patricia Henely, author of Hummingbird House, for this next semster. I have my critical paper due this semester, which will be about magical realism and balancing reality and fantastical happenings. As I work on that, I'll also be working on my third draft of my novel. Looking at my notes, and combined with my newest ideas, I think I'm in pretty good shape. It shouldn't be near as intensive as my last draft, so hopefully I can get that done this semester.

Other than that, things is good. The Dark Knight is about the greatest thing to ever grace a film screen, and Control isn't a half bad film--even if you're like me and don't really know or listen to the band Joy Division.

See you all tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Monday, July 14, 2008


I know I said that I'd ramble on about my residency biz while I was away, but I've decided that this is a bad idea. Not only will it be boring for you, but I don't have the time. Instead of shennanigans, I'm going to drop an entertaining.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Dreams are Messed Up

Last night, I dreamed that some random woman, of the lesbian persuasion, and I had a conversation. All I can remember is that she told me about how frustrated she was because this new sex book she bought had a position that looked like it was worth the effort, but she didn't know where to get the necessary equipment.

She needed a Chocobo.

See you on Monday.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

I'm Going to Go Ahead and Be a Douche

Unlike yesterday, I do not mean this in a literal way. I'm merely speaking of being an A-hole, a jerkwad, a butthead.

I say this because, as I'm getting ready for my residency, I can't help but compare my work to the others in the same group as me. (I know, it sucks to be them.) And when I do, I think, Man, these people kind of suck. It's pretty much the truth. Douche that I may be for saying as much. I honestly wish that we could come to workshop and just say things like, "This sucks. What were you thinking? How about you find another dream?" Brutal as it may be, the ones being workshopped will just end up hating the bearer of bad news, not the news itself. Or, best case scenario--after someone decks me for saying that their work resembles the dribble emanating from the Teletubbies' mouths--they get so pissed, they think, "I'll show that douche. I can write better than... [insert favorite author here]" Then their dream will be renewed, and they will write the next Pulitzer Prize winning novel.

It's amazing what negative feedback can do for a person. I know. It happened to me. I wouldn't be doing what I am right now, if it weren't for the department head of creative writing that told me my story was "sentimental and juvenile." I got pissed. And what did I do, I thought, I'll show you, Douche. I'm going to keep on writing just to prove you wrong. While I have yet to win the Pulitzer, I have a publishing cred, have only one short year left for my Master in Creative Writing, and my novel is--ever so slowly--nearing it's finish. All of which might not have happened if that guy hadn't been such an A-hole.

So, I guess what I'm saying is Embrace the Douche Within Each and Every One of You. Be a constructive A-hole, and someone my end up loving you.

(Just as a heads up, tomorrow's post will come late--if at all--and next week should be a good surprise for any of you willing to check back. And my review for Hancock is live.)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Literal Flow Chart

I woke up at about 4:30 this morning and put together a flow chart in my head:
Why am I awake?
Is there a reason? (If No, go back to sleep.)
Was it the cat? (If Yes, go back to sleep.)
Is it raining? (If Yes, go back to sleep.)
Was it the wife making too much noise? (If Yes, go back to sleep.)
Do you have to pee? (If No, go back to sleep.)
Is it urgent enough to get out of bed? (If No, go back to sleep.)
Then pee, you idiot, and quit thinking about this stupid crap so you can get back to sleep.

Don't ask me why my brain works this way, if I knew, I'd shut it down and actually get a good night's sleep for once. But whatever, I wouldn't be nearly as entertained by my own private Wonderland.

In other, non-peeing, news, there is a new comic. Plus, there should be a review for Hancock up here soon enough. Have yourself a flowing-tastic day.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Divine Providence?

I always find it weird and rather frightening that my interest in specific things tend to make them prominent in the world. I suppose it can always just be attributed to the fact that once you KNOW about something, you are more attuned to it, and thus see it everywhere. Like when you get a new car, you suddenly notice that EVERYONE has a car just like yours.

My latest example of this has come in the form of G.K. Chesterton's The Man Who was Thursday. I found this book while poking around Goodreads and thought that it would be something I would like to read. I go to buy the thing at BN (yes, I know, they're the devil to the book world), and though their website had said it was in stock, they were sold out when I got to the store. Someone else had caught the Chesteron bug. Since then, I haven't been able to find a copy and was starting to talk myself out of wanting the thing. But, once again, the book entered my life through the latest issue of The New Yorker that contained an article about the book's and Chesterton's history. Apparently, the book is celebrating its 100 year anniversary, so it is no wonder that it has been popping up all over the place.

It just always feels like an odd coincidence when these sorts of things happen, how my fixation seems to be the world's, though this probably has something to do with my subconscious narcissism.

Monday, July 7, 2008

This Coming Week

So I feel bad about missing Friday. Honestly though, it would've been much the same as my "make up" post on Saturday, so you weren't missing much.

I'm back from my Colorado adventure. I needed to go out and see the family before some of them disappear completely. Sucks when your family decides to, you know, get old and die. I'll probably do what I can to make inappropriate jokes and think terrible thoughts, since that's one of my coping mechanisms.

As for this coming week, I'm going to be getting ready for my residency, though I'm still trying to decide if I want to do another Shattered Suns and Broken Hearts type project, though I doubt it, since I don't have the Intuos anymore. Instead of a new story, you'll probably just get boring updates of my residency shenanigans--which won't be much since I don't drink. Though my friends do, and they can be some nutty bastards.

Wish I could give you an update on the new films, namely Hancock, but both Logan and I didn't have a chance to check it out yet. Wall E should get a review soon, if not from Logan, then from me. And there is a good possibility of a new comic this week, but, again, we'll see how things go.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

I'm Making Up for Yesterday...

Happy late fourth.

I'm in Colorado.


Thursday, July 3, 2008

The State of Funds... and Literature

Once I'm finished here, I'll be off to fill out my FAFSA. (Yes, I know that I'm ridiculously late.) But it always annoys me that you can be a poor married couple, make a combined income less than the poverty line, and still not receive jack from the government--though if some guy from the government named Jack showed up on my doorstep, I'd probably refuse him. I just find it rather annoying that it almost seems like you have to have more of an ethnic background for the government to even take notice.

I'll admit that I'm probably quite wrong on this matter and that the whole system is based on nothing but numbers, but I can't help but wonder that if my last name was something a bit less generic than Smith, I might get a few extra bucks from Uncle Sam's pocket.

The same goes for literature--or more precisely, The New Yorker. Granted, I enjoy the magazine, the fiction is almost always worth my time, but I've noticed a startling trend--and I'm not talking about how so many of the stories end with the word "home." Over this last year of my subscription, I've noticed that the majority of the author's that get published in that magazine are either already famous or have an ethnic background. True, famous writers are famous for one reason--which is mostly correct--they are really good friggin' authors. But, like the monies, I can't help but wonder if those with a name like Xing Chin or Jason Shawasha don't get an extra recommendation. Again, they are good stories--for the most part--and I can't really argue against their inclusion within the magazine. It's just something that got my brain a tumblin'.

In the end, I suppose any budding writer tries to come up with whatever reason they can to squash their bit of an ego and keep them from doing something crazy, like actually submitting their work. Ah well, one of these days, I just might have to scatter my marbles somewhere I won't find them and submit.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Why I Don't Like High Def.

I figured this out. After months of not having pure vision--I've had to wear glasses since I was in the second grade--I got new contacts yesterday, and the world is a beautiful and sharply defined place. Things had gotten a bit blurry around the edges, so it's no wonder that I thought Hi-Def looked so fake. The world isn't that in focus, I thought. But I was wrong, I just had bad vision.

I'd write more, but today has sucked, been too busy and full of, you know, work. I did get a new comic up though. So check it out, especially if you have a fondness for either Wanted and A Christmas Story.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Looming Holiday

I don't know whether or not it was an early celebration or a need to see Bill Pullman as president, but my wife decided to watch Independence Day last night. It's not a movie I ever really cared for to begin with, but I forgot how not good it actually is. But what plucked my amusement string is the fact that regardless of the "Yea, America!" tones of the film, it just couldn't be made at this point in time--and only 12 years after it's release. Regardless of how cheesy it was upon release, no one, and I mean NO ONE, would buy into the idea that the president would be climbing into the cockpit of an F-16 to take down a group of hostile aliens. I'm not a politically inclined person, but politics within film and film history have interested me for years--perhaps it has something to do with that worthless bachelor's degree in Film Production...

I guess I just find it sad that we've degenerated so much over the years. And while I doubt anyone was picturing Clinton in Pullman's shoes, the fact that our country was built by men and women with a dream to change the world and create a place worth living in has now become a country where we can't even consider the idea that the leader of our nation would, if worse came to worse, grab a gun and hit the frontlines is a sad thing to consider. Again, I don't often care about these kind of things, but in a nation that was supposed to be built for the average Joe, the distinction between regular and privileged persons is growing with a rapidity that is almost scary.

Though an even scarier thought is that all of this ranting came about because of a Roland Emmerich film... There truly is something wrong with the world today.