Friday, July 25, 2008

Ready to Step in Line for the Brothers

While it will probably, yet again, be a reprisal of Farrell's man-child/rich-idiot role, Step Brothers still looks quite amusing. I plan on seeing it today and hopefully have a review up by Monday--at the latest.

I'm also hoping to get a review up for Jellyfish. I went and checked it out last night. It's a mighty fine little film, and I suggest anyone should see it if they still have a chance to do so.

Other than that, my week long bachelorhood is coming to an end on Sunday, and my obession with PlayRadioPlay has deepend. Their newest, actually only, full-length album, Texas, is the second, maybe third, "real" album that I've bought from a store and not just downloaded. Every now and then it's nice to purchase something solid. I've always like flipping through the album insert, and I have rather missed the art that goes into some of them. Honestly, one of my secret wishes is to do an album cover for someone, but, then again, I suppose any half-marginally talented artist has the same desire. Look, ma, I'm just like everyone else...

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