Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Expensive Habit

So my love for Dr. Pepper has now become rather costly. After visiting the dentist yesterday--the x-rays, the scrapping, the mantra of "floss, floss, floss,"--I had to go back again today, where we discussed the condition of my teeth and the expenses involved with fixing them. On top of the numerous cavaties, I apparently have a cracked tooth that requires a crown. They've assured me that it will look just like a regular tooth, but for the amount of money it costs, I'd prefer it to look like a golden nugget that was born with diamond tumors. Freaking ridiculous. However, I doubt that this fact will dampen my NEED for the Dr. Pepper and pellet ice.

I was able to post a new comic today, so check it out and pretend it's funny. And if my creations don't thrill you, here is a site that should thrill you. If not, then I don't know why you're even bothering with me.

And hopefully I can figure out Paypal's mahopper and I'll be able to put up a donation button. Wacom, here I come.

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