Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Wonder of the World

I've notice a lack of wonder lately. I'm talking about the decline in our culture--Americans in particular--in believing in something outside of the tangible. This might be God, faeries, dragons, or even polycorns. It doesn't matter what type of intangible being it is, if there is no scientific proof, people tend to be skeptical--if not have a complete disinterest in the subject. A fact that is rather odd, considering our overall obsession with Harry Potter and now Stephenie Meyer's Twilight saga. Why is it that we can buy these things in books--not just buy but crave them--yet when it comes to the "real" world we just shake our head when some comes up and asks us if we believe in God or if we see a picture/story like this posted online?

Granted, novels are accepted as fiction. But even in their understood fictional realm, why do so many people want them to be real? How many would prefer to be wandering around the world-- wand in hand, repairing glasses and apparating from one location to the next--to being able to see God face to face?

I don't really know what I'm trying to get at here, just random musings from this addled and jaded noggin. Though if anything comes to mind that wraps this idea up, its from the new Hellboy flick, when Prince Nuada tells Hellboy that humans will continue to destroy the magical beings until they are extinct, then so eloquently puts it, "And the world will be poorer for it."

I'm not saying you should believe in centaurs and elves, or even God for that matter--each to her own--but just don't be so closed minded about the existence of elements that science hasn't been able to--and never will--understand.

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