Thursday, June 5, 2008

One of These Days...

Today was supposed to be gun day, where I would tell you all about my shooting adventures and put up some pretty pics of me and large weaponry, but due to weather conditions--a stupid tornado warning had me unplugging all of my technical equipment--I was not able to scan said pictures. (Yes, I am one of the few that is not in the digital age and still uses a film camera.)

In other news, a new comic was put up last night before all the raging winds tromped through town. I realize that the type is quite small and that it reads somewhat awkwardly, but until I find a good, solid way to do these things, I will continue to have these few bits to iron out. I'll make sure to download a few more good fonts from these folks. Maybe one of these days I'll finally get on top of everything and every single comic will be fantabulous...

Otherwise, I can knock off some more of the promised list, things like the Lady of Supreese. After I mentioned her, I realized it is one of those stories that you had to be there for, otherwise it just isn't funny. Instead, I'll just say that drawn on eyebrows can be a very bad, bad idea.

As for the readings--though I never changed my "Currently"--I read this book called The Resurrectionist by Jack O'Connell. I'd recommend it to any of those into comic books or Chuck Palahniuk. It doesn't have Palahniuk's energy, but the story's plot seems like something he might've written. As a warning though, it is one of those books that had to grow on me. I wasn't sure how I felt at the end, but after I kept thinking about it--a good sign for any book--I couldn't help but be impressed. So if you want a fast, fun read, I'd check it out.

My goal is to get a crapton done on my novel. I wanted to have a second draft done by my next residency, but I've got more than a hundred pages to sort through, not to mention the few major changes I need to clean up at the beginning of the thing... sigh... I need to start taking speed.

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