Monday, June 16, 2008

How is This Possible?

I want to know how, by some weird happening, how my boss can bother me MORE while he's on vacation then when he's here in the office. Since his disappearance, I've been receiving epistle-length letters instructing me what needs to be done over the course of the day--many of which don't really apply to my job description.

I think when he can actually see me face to face, he ends up feeling bad about asking me to do these things that he KNOWS are not a part of my job, so he doesn't ask. But, man, once that distance is established and he can just write me a manual for Monday, then let the instructions begin! On the plus side, he is still gone and I can spend my time writing my The Incredible Hulk review, which should post sometime tomorrow.

Tonight should be devoted to the starting of Wednesday's comic, but I'm losing my oomph. This once a week business is taking its toll. Oh, well, I made a commitment, and until something better comes along or another project ousts it, I will continue on with the weekly posts. (Perhaps I will keep things fresh by doing a small side-story that isn't related to the site, but something even cooler. I shall chew this over.)

Until tomorrow...

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