Friday, June 6, 2008

Gun DAY!

So just to prove that I have some manly instincts or needs or some third man-type thing, here are some picks of me holding big guns. Perhaps I'm just trying to make up for a lack of something, but then again, maybe I just like to shoot the crap out of inanimate objects.
Me after I just plinked about six of the 10 cans with one load of the SKS.
Both my wife and I shot a rock--yes, a rock--from about two hundred yards out. Apparently the rock was only about 3 X 3, but I couldn't say for certain. All I can say is that is was friggin' teeny in the scope. Though as for anyone that says you can learn shooting from a video game, I'd say it's about right.

In other, non-shooting news, I've been thoroughly enjoying this comic called Erfworld. Funny stuff, especially if you are a bit of a nerd such as myself. I also plan on seeing Kung Fu Panda today. I don't have much hope for it, but you'll be able to read the full review come Monday. I'm more excited about You Don't Mess With the Zohan, but Logan is going to do that one instead--since I am supposed to be the animation buff after all.

Anywho, have yourselves a mighty fine weekend, and I'll catch up with you on Monday.

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