Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Solitude of Someone Else's Addiction

My wife is completely and utterly addicted to World of Warcraft, and the odd thing is, I don't mind. Maybe it stems from the fact that most video game/film/comic/book nerds dream about having girlfriends and wives that are into the same nerdy things. Maybe it's the fact that she is just plain gorgeous. But most likely, it's all because I'm a selfish person and like to be able to do whatever the crap I want, without having to worry about someone else.

Take last night, for example, I wanted to watch my netflix that I was almost sure she wouldn't enjoy. What happened? She played Warcraft and I watched Eagle Vs Shark. I suppose I can see how that Gor-Ram game might ruin lives and marriages, but when combined with a guy that was the youngest of three and often had to entertain himself, the alone/neglection time is a good thing.

Besides being spoiled, only childs, get so used to fending for/entertaining themselves that it screws up relationship mechanics. You get used to doing things solo and not having to worry about someone else's wants. I might not be an only child, but when your brother is out the door and you've still got six or seven years at home alone, the dynamics change, quick. I've learned to live hermit-style. Though, on the flip-side, if it wasn't for my wife, I'd probably never have much of any human contact, because I get SO used to being alone. Weird how things balance out. I get to boggart all my time and still have human contact. Hooray for Warcraft.

(I did play the game off and on for a few months, but all of my other projects conflicted with the all-consuming nature of the Craft.)

As for Lego Indiana Jones, I'm a little disappointed. I'd heard it was even better than Lego Star Wars, but there are too many ledges to fall off of and lose all those hard earned pieces. Pisses me off. It's still a fun co-op game though, but it will need to be played in smaller doses, at least until the ledges become less cliff-like and more wall-like.

In other news, Kung Fu Panda review can be found here and a new comic here.

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