Monday, June 23, 2008

I Swear... If He Wasn't So Cute...

My cat, that is. The little bugger kept me up a good chunk of the night because he needed to jump into the blinds for NO REAL REASON. Now I'm tired, rather pissed, and thinking that this day is going to last forever, and that I won't get much done on my novel today--especially since I need to finish up my review for The Love Guru.

I hope it's normal to fantasize about humane ways to kill your cat when it keeps you up half the night, which my thoughts then kept me up the other half of the night. I thought about just rubber-banding his legs together, trussing him up like a Christmas turkey and leaving him in the other room, but couldn't think of where I could procure any bands of rubber. It's hard to think of anything more than an immediate solution when you really just want to sleep. In the end, I solved the cat dilemma by throwing my pillow at the stupid thing. I think it freaked the crap out of him enough that he decided not to keep attacking the blinds needlessly.

Arr... the things we do for cats, and the things we don't do TO them.

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