Friday, May 29, 2009


I spent a good chunk of yesterday perusing the awesome art highways that the internets have to offer, mainly going through Matias Basla's list of artists, and I realized that my art has suffered from a common plague: sameness. It has been some time since I last had any real growth in my art. Basically, I tend to draw the same types of characters in the same types of ways in the same types of positions. To remedy this, I've decided to devote myself to drawing more dynamically posed figures AND using straight lines for awhile.

The above is my first attempt at doing this, and I hope to keep adding new sketches or work as this progresses. There are just too many super-cool artists out there, and I'd be a fool not to learn something from them. So expect some new arts from time to time as I muck through this new venture, and if there is anything/anyone that you'd like to see me draw, drop me a line, and I'll do what I can. I figure the more I draw from what someone else wants, the more I'll be able to break out of my own pre-conceptions.

In the meantime, have a mighty fine weekend of relaxing, and I'm assuming, seeing Up. See you Monday.

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