Monday, May 11, 2009


Like many others, I checked out Star Trek this weekend. Also like many others, I was thoroughly impressed. Never having watched much of ANY of the shows, I thought Abrams, Orci, and Kurtzman did an amazing job making the story accessible to anyone while holding to enough of the show's pre-established tropes to please the true fans. (I heard a handful of them hooting and laughing at moments that garnered, mostly, silence from the other film goers.) It's just a well put together flick with special effects that don't scream "FAKE," and even a few of the actors in the film--namely Eric Bana--that normally piss me off, weren't too bad in this thing. I'd recommend it to anyone, Trekkie or not.

Also, just as a quick heads up, Gibberish will hit its 100 comic mile stone on Thursday. Had I thought about this more in advance and been on top of things, I'd have something special planned, like a super-comic chronicaling the life of a taco, or simply tried to hype it up a bit more.

In the webcomic world, 100 comics is an accomplishment, as many "new" comics die within the first year--or the first 100 comics. So, to hit this milestone, even before the year anniversary, goes to show that Gibberish plans on staying around for some time to come. Expect more nostalgia and reminiscing as the week progresses.

Still no new developments on my "Big News" front, but I'll be sure to let you all know when, and if, it ever comes.

Have the best Monday you can, and I'll see you tomorrow with Gibberish.

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