Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tokyo and Stuff

I finally got a chance to see Tokyo! last night, and I was quite impressed. For the most part, I've been slightly disappointed with each of Michel Gondry's films since Eternal Sunshine..., but his "Interior Design" segment is glorious. Really, the whole film is quite good, with Leos Carax's "MERDE," which I figured is a tribute/spoof of all the Japanese monster flicks, mainly Godzilla. But what topped the film sundae was Bong Joon-ho's "Shaking Tokyo." I would go see this film again simply to watch that final segment. Seriously, if I buy this film, it will be for that last film. After having enjoyed The Host, a film that any monster-movie lover should check out, I've now added his other films to my Netflix account and await them with hungry eyes--and these aren't the Patrick Swayze kind, either.

Otherwise, I've been listening to IAMX's new album, Kingdom of Welcome Addiction. A mighty fine album indeed. It took a few listens to really get into it--as many of my favorite albums have--but now I'm rocking out to just about every song. Though I suppose "grooving out" might be more appropriate, as this one is a bit more down-tempo than their last two discs. Regardless, it is good stuff. Fans of Chris Corner and Sneaker Pimps should pick this up.

I also picked up the new Iron and Wine disc, but I have yet to really spend anytime with it--alas, buying two new discs in one day is a bad idea... I'll update as I listen to it a bit more.

That should be it for the moment. I'm possibly going to be a guest on a podcast come Friday. Again, I'll keep you posted and add a link as that happens. Otherwise, have a wonderful day, and see you tomorrow for more Gibberish.

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