Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The News Has Dropped

That big news I've been jabbering about, well it finally resolved itself yesterday.

The whole thing revolved around my getting an agent, as I had one looking at my manuscript. From what I'd heard, things were looking very good for my "acceptance," but in the end, she decided to pass. However, she gave me a HUGE "but" to that statement--I mean we're going well beyond J-Lo and into Rosanne territory. She took the time, not just to email me, but to give me a call, and list out the things she had a problem with in the manuscript. This might sound harsh to some of you, but believe me, in the publishing world, to get as personal of a response as this is simply AMAZING. And to sweeten the deal, she gave me her contact info and asked that if/when I re-work my novel, she hopes I'll send it to her first. Also, she opened the door to any questions or clarifications that I might have as I undergo the revision process. Again, this might not sound like too much to get excited over, but I swear that this is fantastic news. The publishing world is very busy and full of canned responses and impersonal letters, so to have a personalized rejection combined with a request to have another look at your work is the next best thing to being accepted--and often only one step away from it.

Of course, this will set back some of my other projects I had in mind, but the revision will hopefully be worth my time and effort. Regardless, I'm excited. As I am about tomorrow, too.

While it might not be anything face-melting, tomorrow is the 100th comic for Gibberish. It's come a long way from its humble beginnings of tacos jumping into a giant bowl of salsa... it even has words now. All in all though, I'm still having fun making these things and forcing myself to draw more and work on my coloring. Even if you don't like the comic, it's a helpful tool for making my arts better. So there.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for this "landmark" edition of Gibberish, and I'll talk to you all later.

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