Monday, May 4, 2009

Yard Work, or How I Spent Most of My Sunday

I intended to have pictures for this and will probably post them on Wednesday. My yard was ridiculous and it took close to three and a half hours to put together my mower, mow the yard, and rake up the leavings--and we have a rather small yard. But I suppose that's what happens when I wait until the grass, in places, reaches my knee cap--and I'm 6'3". Luckily, the Nebraskan sky was cloud covered and cool, otherwise, I might have died.

In other news though, I went to a reading/art show, Look Both Ways, on Saturday night, where my mentor, Karen Gettert Shoemaker, and others read their ekphrasis writings while standing next to their chosen artwork. It was quite entertaining and seemed like a cool project to be a part of. In fact, I'm keeping an eye out for such a joint venture, as both my writing and artwork selves would love to have the chance to participate.

Lastly, I just found out that one of my favorite bands is releasing their album over here in the states. It comes out on May 19, and I suggest you all go out and purchase it if you like music in the vein of Massive Attack and Sneaker Pimps--or if you're into Depeche Mode or Placebo (I'm not particularly into the last two bands, but IAMX's music has oft been compared to them.)

For now, have a good day, and come back for Gibberish tomorrow.

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