Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Self Time

Last night I finally got around to watching Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, not only a film I've been wanting to see since its initial release, but also one I've had from Netflix for two full months. I must say, I was impressed. It has a few bugs, but overall I really enjoyed Clooney's direction. He might make an interesting director once he shrugs off the whole "actor" thing--though if his performance in Burn After Reading is any indication, he'll be around for awhile longer.

I, like most other busy-bodies, often forget about the importance of taking a night off and not really doing much--though I still got a new We've Got Brains up, washed the dishes, and made ready for the electrician's arrival today. Overall, it was a good night. Just in general, this week has been going well. Found a friend's blog that let me know she is still alive, met with some friends from the MFA, and pooted around the house last night. Weird how the little things can make a week just work, you know?

And if you're anything like me, you probably need a distraction from all this money/stock market/recession talk. So go check out my comics, either here or at Filmmedium, and have a laugh.

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voyage:JAPAN said...

I'm sorry I haven't called or anything. I have pretty much disappeared for anyone at home. I'm so bad at these things. That's mostly why I created my blog. But I am determined to get better at it.