Monday, October 27, 2008

The Last of the Visits

In a few short hours, I must whisk myself away to the joys of the dentist. It will be my final visit, until my next check-up. It's taken three visits, but my mouth will finally be cavity free. (I could have had more of them filled at my earlier visits, but the cost of those things start to add up rather quickly.)

As for the weekend, not too much happened. There was a pumpkin carving party on Saturday night. I carved me a Skele-Robot, and if I can get a picture of it up here, I will. Otherwise, I'll just add my experiment with watercolors from this weekend. It's not good, but I learned from it, which--until I can take a class--is the only way I will learn anything. The more you try, the more you learn. Or something. I plan on doing a few more trial an error type things, maybe play around more with the whole "When I do this, what does it look like on paper?" style. I'll try and post them as they come, and if anyone has any tips or advice, I'd be much obliged. Of course, this won't start until Wednesday as there is more Gibberish coming tomorrow.

Until then...

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