Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I Am Now 0/4

While it was never strong to begin with, my faith in Hollywood has diminished in the past month or so. Out of my rather large list of films I wanted to see, the four that I've had time to check out have been total crap. My most recent eyesore took the form of Max Payne.

Now don't get me wrong, my expectations for the film were next to nothing--especially after the rating came dubbed as PG-13. (Seriously, who takes an "M" rated game then makes a teen flick and thinks it's a good idea?) The biggest problem with Max Payne is that I wanted to like it. The first video game was pure fun--a fact that didn't translate to the film. For an action game, they didn't make much of an action film. Sad really. Especially when they had Mark Wahlberg for the titular role. Poor guy hasn't had a good year. (I would go on, but I'm afraid this little rant would turn into a full on review. Basically, just don't go see this. You're better for it.)

Tonight, I'm taking one last risk by going to see City of Ember, then my faith in Hollywood will be entirely gone--at least until Watchmen comes out. At least CoE's book had a good idea, but the writing was atrocious. I'm hoping the film takes the good idea and does something interesting with it. However, with any children's film, you run the cheese factor risk. I guess we'll see if I'm 0/5 tonight.

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