Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Weird Mood

Yesterday I hissed at one of my coworkers. This isn't quite the norm for me, but it's almost there. Normally, I pick and choose who I hiss at--mainly one of my good friends. Yesterday, though, it just slipped out. Luckily, she's the type to just laugh it off and has probably already forgotten about the whole ordeal. And life moves on.

Above is my first experiment with watercolor. As I said, it's not good, but it was fun just to play around. I felt like a kid fingerpainting for the first time. More will follow, and hopefully the quality will improve--at least slightly.

As for today, I've got loads more of "real" work to finish up, and my workshop materials for residency are almost due, so I'm trying to pull that together. We'll see how everything turns out.

More Gibberish tomorrow.

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madecanse said...

Yay for watercolor! It's still my favorite medium other than plain pencil. It looks good. Good luck getting your materials for the residency together.