Friday, October 24, 2008

Making Arts

So, I've decided that producing any new writing at the moment is all but impossible. Now that I seem to understand some of the basics when it comes to revision, I'm going to keep at my novel and work on a handful of my earlier pieces. In the meantime, though, I plan on doing some art-like things, since I have yet to prepare for the upcoming show.

I'll try and post pics of what I'll be putting into the gallery. This first pic is a collaboration with a mighty fine fellow, named Abner, that made the whole art show possible. Basically, if it weren't for his amazing talent, there wouldn't be a show. And if he wasn't gracious enough to extend an invite, I wouldn't be involved. As for the pic, he did the initial sketch and design of this, then I did my best to ink and color it. Don't know if it works, but I'm trying a few new things and working with color in general. (Black and white is so, SO much easier.)

More than likely, that's what my weekend will consist of, revision and arting it up. Maybe another film, but seriously, the theatres are all but worthless right now. City of Ember isn't bad, but it didn't restore my faith in Hollywood either.

Until Monday.

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