Friday, October 2, 2009

Why I Prefer to Write

Whenever I say anything, I always worry it is misconstrued, and I come across looking like a douchebag.

Take just a moment ago: I was at the gas station, filling up a coffee cup, my soda glass and Snickers resting in front of the "flavor" shots. Another customer was trying to look at flavor shots, not disturbing my stuff or even giving me the stink eye for having left it there. As the cup was almost full of coffee, I topped it off then went to move my things out of his way. He mumbled/said an "Excuse me," as if he was in the wrong.

I said, "Let me get out of your way." Then I realized how condecending that could have sounded to him, like I was saying, "Well, since I'm obviously in your way, let me not inconvenience you further."

I don't think I sounded like this. But I'm paranoid nevertheless. I tend to have things come out wrong. Frequently. Even my wife has been known to take offense at something I said that was NOT supposed to be hurtful.

I probably just need to chill out. I should just chill out. Yet I worry that even the remotest of strangers thinks I'm an okay person--not just another asshole.

Have a good weekend, everyone. Try not to be misunderstood.

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