Monday, October 5, 2009

Mowing, Blokus, and Novel Update

Words of advice: though waiting ten weeks to mow your lawn might save you a few hours of overall time, it is not fun. And now my arms and legs are angry with me--possibly the mower too. And the lawn. It looks like we own a dog that pees in the same spots over and over.

In other news, I tried Blokus this weekend, and I heartily endorse it. Not only do the games take, maybe, twenty minutes tops, the dynamics of the thing can change in a heartbeat. A bit of strategy, a bit of luck, and a good chunk o' fun. Pick this up if you have the chance. I believe it is rather cheap.

As for the novels, I have yet to hear back from the agent for the one. We've hit the three week mark, which is when she contacted me last time, but I heard she has been rather busy these last few weeks. Keep your fingers crossed. The other is coming along quite nicely. In fact, I'm really enjoying writing this one and can already see it starting to take shape. Though I know the general direction of where this thing is headed, I'm excited to see the detours and the final destination.

In the meantime, Gibberish tomorrow.

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