Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mario SuperStrikers and What It Taught Me About Life

I started this blog a moment ago, then realized it was one big complaint/begging for your pity. That is lame. Instead of my selfish rant, you get my blurb for Mario SuperStrikers.

Granted, many of you have probably already played this until it is no longer any fun for you. However, I tried it for the first time last night. Normally, I do not like these kinds of games. Yet, as usual, the Mario team takes a familiar concept and extends it beyond the normal demographic. Sure, true soccer/football aficionados most likely think it is lame, but I would be that many a younger child has now developed an interest in the "real" game because of Mario's bastardized version.

I think this is something we should look to do in all things. Seriously. We need to make Mario-everything. Well, not actually having Mario in everything we do/make, but I think there needs to be an accessibility built in to everything we do. And in that, we need to ensure that the essence/basics of the thing is not changed by this accessibility. This is definitely not a new concept, but I think we can learn something here from Mario and his games: When we give our audiences an overall fun/entertaining experience, we present ANYthing, and audiences will love us.

Maybe it's just a strange tangent/rant, but it makes sense to me. I'm going to go Mario-ize my world.

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