Monday, October 12, 2009

What Technology Just Can't Do...

Yesterday, I worked on arts for a sizable chunk of time with a good friend of mine. As much as I love my tablet and using the digital medium to create my arts--since I can do things digitally that I'd have no idea how to replicate with paints and canvass--nothing, and I mean nothing, can replace the feel of paper under your hand, pens and pencils and markers at your disposal. Sure, you can pick all sorts of colors, even the exact shade that you had in mind, via your digital arting media, but there is something so wholesome about grabbing a new marker, a new pen, another sheet of paper. Plus, unlike digital arts, this is much easier to sell.

Do you like the above? (Click it for a larger image.) You may own it for $20.00--more if you want it framed.

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