Friday, October 23, 2009

I Feel All Sorts of Fancy

After all too long of people thinking my phone is ten years old--the final nail in this coffin being someone recently commenting, "Oh, cute, it has an antenna"--I've stepped into the SmartPhone age. Though I won't use half of what this thing is capable of, it's nice to know that I CAN do things like GPS and video messages, if I want to.

In other news, my wife and I watched Duplicity last night. We'd meant to see it in the theatre, but missed our chance as it seemed to be in and out of them quite fast. And this is a sad fact. It means people missed out on a rather smart caper/mystery/grift/thriller flick. It found a wonderful balance of making you feel like you knew what was going on, while at the same time making you think you had NO IDEA what was going on. A fun film that I would recommend to fans of the aforementioned genres.

Other than that, I wish you all well, and have a wonderful weekend. Mine will be spent playing with my new phone. WOOT!

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