Friday, October 9, 2009

Good Things

I have renewed my uncle-dom--as of last night. My brother and his wife have a new baby boy with the initials J.R. I told my wife that I hoped no one would shoot him.

Another good thing is John Steinbeck. You may recall my ranting and raving about how perfect a book Of Mice and Men is. I finished The Moon is Down last night, which is a much lesser known Steinbeck. I figure if a guy can still write that good of a book, and it is one of the less famous books... what an ass. I don't know if I will ever achieve the status of even The Moon is Down, but at least I have another few books of his that I can read. Now that I've finished two of his, I can honestly say that he is probably within my top ten favorite writers. His writing has such a simple beauty to it, not as poetic as Bradbury, but equally gorgeous. I'd love to write like that, but alas, it's just not my style.

Last good thing: It is the weekend. I like weekends. Stuff will happen?

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Prindle said...

Yeah, Steinbeck is the bomb. We're reading Of Mice and Men again in my class. Each time through makes it better. He is a simple writer, but so clear about everything. And he is a major dialogue person (at least for Of Mice and Men), so that thrills me and gives me hope.

Stay hot and maybe see you later?