Wednesday, June 3, 2009

More Stupid Crap

Yet again, I've fallen prey to stupid time-wasting devices. This time it has taken the form of Utopia Kingdoms. Nothing particularly special about the thing, but it helps pass the day. The main thing that drew me into the game was the artwork. I'm a sucker for cartoony goodness. And as with most of these types of games, you can create/post a custom avatar. Since I chose to be a Troll, I figured I needed a troll avatar. The above is the initial sketch for my avatar. I'd hoped to have it inked and colored last night, but I got side-tracked by the ever-evil Catan. I'll be sure to post the finished shot.

This got me to thinking though, how often does someone/anyone want to have a custom avatar that not only is what they want, but it also FITS with the overall design scheme of the game? Basically, I decided that if there are any of you out there that play any of these types of things and want a custom avatar, I'd be willing to put something together for a small fee, probably in the range of 5-15 bucks, depending on the style and intricacies. Feel free to contact me with any questions or commissions, I'd be much obliged.

In the meantime, more Gibberish tomorrow.

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