Friday, June 26, 2009


As many others probably already have, I'd rag on Transformers: Rise of the Fallen, but I figure there are enough people out there to do such things. Though I will give two thoughts: Michael Bay really needs to quit making films, and the editors needed to cut about an hour from that thing (it actually might have been quite an improvement on the first if it had done so).

Anyway, the REAL reason for this post is to plug a favorite band of mine: Mellowdrone. This is, by and large, the best "undiscovered" band I listen to. Their down-tempo, yet often playful, sound is amazing, and the vocalist, Jonathan Bates, is one of the best male singers in the rock world today.

Their new album, Angry Bear, can be ordered through their website and will be available for download from Amazon and the like, soon. Of course, their earlier album, Box, is available everywhere, and I highly suggest you pick it up--especially for fans of bands like Tool, anything with Ken Andrews, and any other sort of space rock. Really, though, you just need to listen to them for yourself, which you can sample a few songs on their site, as they have a sound all of their own.

This is good music people, I swear. Listen and be joyful this weekend.

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