Thursday, January 22, 2009

+Party Time+

As promised, here is the special guest comic by the amazing Philippa Rice. The fact that Philippa took the time to put a Gibberish together makes me happy beyond all reason. Her comic, My Cardboard Life, is one of my favorites on the web, and both her blog and personal site are filled with wonderful and whimsical characters and doodles and creations. Do yourself a favor by spending some time at any, or all, of her sites. And if you enjoyed today's comic, be sure to let her know (philippa(at)philippajrice(dot)com). It's rare, and an awesome feeling, to have a reader respond to your work--unless, of course you're the guys at Penny Arcade, I'm sure they're told of their awesomeness all the time. So be sure to tell Philippa just how awesome she is.

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