Friday, January 16, 2009

Trip Pt. 5: Christmas and the Rest

(Sorry there is no pictures. I forgot to download them onto my computer.)

Anyway, Christmas was quite fun--even with the fact that we were basically crashing another family's holiday. They were more than gracious and adopted us into their family. We even got stockings. Gifts aside though, it was a great day of games, Little People, and awesome food.

As for the rest of the trip, there's not much to report. We ate a heap-ton of Tutti Bella's and Del Taco. I FINALLY got to play Little Big Planet (holy crap, do I need a PS3 just for that game). And I still battled with my sickness.

Luckily, the flight home was completely uneventful--as long as you exclude the screaming child on the flight from Vegas to Minneapolis. On the way back, I even had the oddest coincidence of not only riding on the same plane as someone I knew from my MFA program, but also she sat beside me. We had a nice chat on the short flight, then parted ways as another of my friends tried to smother me with her dogs on the ride home. Not really, actually she was nice enough to make and bring tea for a sickie like me.

After that, it was off to residency, which I will give a brief synopsis of on Monday, then finally be caught back up and can give you all the day to day grind and thoughts that spill from this one odd boy's noggin. Toodles, and have an amazing--and hopefully extra long--weekend.

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