Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mild Success

As angry as I've been with my Facebook updates recently, cursing anything having to do with computers, I got WordPress to upload and ACTUALLY come up when you type in the address.

I had to work it out in a roundabout way, something that will probably rear its ugly programming head at some point, but it works for now, and that is enough for me. You can check it out by typing: into your browser--or just clicking the link. And while I'd like to get this up and running ASAP, it will probably be a bit, as I'm still learning how to do things one at a time. So if you check back on a regular basis, a color might change here, an element might disappear, etc. In the meantime, keep coming back here for new comics, and I'll let you know when the site is up and running--even then, though, this will remain my "official" blog.

In other news, my wife and I bought Rock Band, and that was a bad idea. Sleep has been lost, and my ankle/leg is sore from the stupid drums. Holy crap, though, that game is fun.

More Gibberish tomorrow. Peace. And tacos.

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