Friday, January 30, 2009

End of the Week

If you haven't checked out the new site yet, you should do so. Go here. I still don't have the comics up yet, but I'm hoping that I can remedy this situation over the weekend. Also, I'm going to try and post next week's comics on there as well, so the site will actually be doing what it's supposed to. Imagine that. You aren't imagining, are you? Oh well...

I guess that if you don't want to imagine, that's cool. But I do command you go to this site and spend some time. I've never felt like someone tapped into my brain and created the things that would fill me with joy--even though I didn't know what these things would be. Seriously, go here. (This one is my favorite.) Because of this man, I've decided I need to add more movement to my characters. I suppose that is what I get for deciding on a single panel comic. Perhaps I'll have to break my own rules--or just have an occasional off-shoot like my friend suggested. We'll see.

And as you peruse the vast library of goodness that site has to offer, I hope you have an enjoyable weekend. We've got a movie-fest set up for this weekend. In the past it has been a 24-hour fest, but this year is a bit shorter as we made the mistake of planning it over Superbowl Sunday, and the interest is lower than last year. Will take pictures and post some of them, maybe. Either way, I'll see you back on Monday.

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