Monday, March 2, 2009

Sam and Max: Freelance Police

I just rediscovered a long-lost cartoon from my childhood, Sam and Max: Freelance Police. As a teenier Christopher, I had played through the ridiculously awesome LucasArts game, and had seen a few of the comics. When the cartoon came out, I'd wanted to watch it for all I was worth, but as the show was on Saturday mornings--when my family went to church--my mother never let me.

Now, years later and after the wonderful invention of DVD--and my finally remembering to look that show up, having read Steve Purcell's short comic on Tell Tale Games (be sure to hover over the pics to read the comic)--I started watching the lost show. All things considered, it's quite a nice program. The dialogue is by far the best part of the thing, with Sam spouting off some of the best bits of gibberish--not my comic--a guy could hope for. Plus the fast-paced dialogue gave the writers a chance to slip in some very off-color jokes, considering it is a children's show.

Fans of other such ill-fated programs as Ren and Stimpy (the Nickalodean stuff), Invader Zim, and The Tick will find copious amounts of laughter her. Plus, considering how old it is, the animation isn't half bad--not the eyesore of some of today's toons. Watch, and be merry.

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