Friday, March 6, 2009

More Adventures of Sam: "The Waiting Game"

Apparently this was the week of guest comics for me. I'd meant to let you all know about this one back on Wednesday, but the Ravilob thing sort of took precedence. As you might remember, I did a Sam comic for Ross a few weeks back, and he contacted me about doing another, which, as you can see, I did.

I seriously am having a good time working on other people's material. Doing my comics is fun and all, but there's just something about this. Maybe it just makes me feel like someone else sees merit in what I'm doing--especially if they've asked me to do another. To make matters even better, Ross signed a deal with an e-book publisher to put together a Sam Anthology, and he's decided to include the last Sam comic I did, "Ship-Shape." In a roundabout way, I now have my first "published" comic, which is cool--at least for me. You can find out more about it here.

And one more thing before I leave you alone for the weekend. I've been chatting with a wonderful person, Michael Elder, who is helping me out with the Gibberish site. This guy is awesome, and I suggest you do me a favor by doing him a favor and checking out his site.

I'll keep you updated as everything develops. Have a great weekend.

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