Monday, March 9, 2009

Almost Etsy

These were supposed to be my first Etsy items in my shop, but the stupid plastic coverings are coming up on the Eggmen and Walrus buttons, so I must remake them in order to have quality products for sale.

Depending on how my inspiration goes, I plan on making more buttons-based-on-lyrics sets. They will range from three to five buttons per set and probably run $2.50 for the set of three and $4.00 for the set of five. I might sell singles, but only very rarely or if they are commissioned, which I am open to.

I also went and saw Watchmen this weekend, and I urge you to either read the graphic novel or--at the bare minimum--see the film. Just don't expect a X-Men or Dark Knight, as it is a very different style of story. But what it has to say about society in general is something we all should take to heart. I'll try and write up a more in depth review/thought process for Wednesday, but don't be surprised if it doesn't happen.

Regardless, more Gibberish tomorrow.

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