Friday, March 13, 2009

Blogging Stylin's

I realized that my blogs tend to break down into about four categories: the hum-drum of my days, self-promotion, actual intellectual thoughts, and internet discoveries. Then I realized that the first two styles are rather annoying. So, from here on out, I'll try to keep things brief if I don't have something important on my mind or some discovery to share.

Today, though, I DO have a discovery to share with you: Artist Trading Cards. This is a ridiculously addicting community for people to have a "governed" art swap. Swapping art is one of the cooler practices in this world, and I think people are all too often too greedy to do so, wanting things like money--like anyone needs that? I figure that I'm going to be making art anyway, so if someone wants to trade me some of theirs for some of mine, who am I to argue? (Though, it should hopefully be something that both parties actually like.) Plus, with all the hosts and the diverse array of themes, I'm hoping to experiment with my art by being FORCED to try new things. I don't like being in an art rut where I just draw the same characters and figures over and over and over. So, if you're into art for art's sake, I'd suggest joining.

Hope to see you there. My handle is--gasp!--Gibberish. Track me down. Lets trade arts.

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