Monday, March 23, 2009

I Really Should Quit Lying to Everyone

No comic today. Since my friend has come to visit, I haven't had the normal time to spend on making such fantastic amusements for the lot of you. Instead, we've been playing video games and watching movies, which I will detail for you here.

Resident Evil 5: The newest installment in the Resident Evil franchise has been a rather amusing game, although it is much different compared to the other games. The most notable of these is the co-op addition, which makes for a good time. Also, the atmosphere of the earlier games has been replaced by the fear of numbers, the vast array of zombies coming your way. In some ways this is good, as you never know when and where the zombies will be coming from. In other ways, it detracts from the game as a series. While there are still a few moody/atmospheric moments, overall the game feels/plays more like a Gears of War or Army of Two. Don't get me wrong, it's still a fun game. It's just a bit of a departure from the normal RE formula.

I Love You, Man: The latest buddy comedy has become a full on bro-mance. Basically, take your ordinary chick-flick/relationship film and replace the chick with a dude and subtract all the making out. It's actually quite amusing how John Hamburg has taken an often used storyline and made it fresh--but nothing ground-breaking. It's a consistently amusing film, but there isn't really any ONE moment that makes the film amazing. Many will probably just find the film stupid, but the other half will enjoy themselves. Honestly, if the trailer looked like something you might enjoy, then you probably would.

Shinobi: Heart Under Blade: Yet another random martial arts/ninja movie. This one has a few cool moments, the fight sequences being the highlight, but it's nothing that will melt your face. If you are a fan of such films, this one is one of the better ones. It's pretty enough, but the story is rather lacking. I can't really recommend it, but you don't need to avoid it like the plague either.

Gibberish tomorrow.

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