Monday, March 30, 2009

Needing to Start Ignoring the Distracting Things of Life

Lately, my writing has suffered.

Forty to sixty percent of this has been my fault. I keep getting wrapped up in the glorious entertainment the world has to offer. And by this, I mean the latest Prince of Persia for Xbox 360, and the Settlers of Catan expansion: Knights and Cities. These games--along with my art habits--are keeping me from doing what I should be doing: writing. What's weird is that I enjoy my writing as much as playing either of those games, yet I keep ignoring it. I blame this on the other 40 to 60 percent of why my writing has suffered.

This stems from the novel itself. It keeps causing problems for me. So far, the problems have been solvable, but they've been speed bumps, if not outright stop signs, in my progress. Little issues pop up, wave me do, and ask me "Excuse me, sir, do you know what the hell you're doing?" Often I can say, "I think so." But lately, it's been, "Let me get back to you on that..."

I'm getting back to them, and should soon have my thesis done. Away I go. Gibberish tomorrow.

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