Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I lied to you on Monday. The guest artist for Gibberish will not actually appear until Friday, as a special bonus comic to carry the weekend through. His name, or pen name, is Scott Aleric, and you can find his amusing comic, Hell Has Found Me, here. He also has a stunning deviantart gallery.

Honestly, I can't thank him enough for lending his comic talents to Gibberish. I'm all about the cross-blending and synthesis of talents, so seeing something like this come together, on my personal site no less, just about makes me tinkle in me trousers.

I hope you take some time to visit Aleric's sites. It's a good time/entertainment investment. Plus, he's a cool guy. So check out Hell Has Found Me. What more reason do you need than to support global coolness? (It's the only way to stop the warming.)

Since this will be the last post for the week, besides the comics of course, I bid you all a mighty fine day, rest of the week, and weekend.

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