Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Almost Forgot to Do This...

And I even have things to talk about. Basically my life has been one impressed adventure after the next. Well, really only two things, but that was enough to spawn this.

First, if you own an XBOX 360 and have access to the internet, there is no reason for you not to own the amazing game Braid. Truly, anyone looking for a stunning platformer or puzzle game need look no further. I discovered the thing while reading about the amount of people complaining that its $15.00 price tag was too much. Believe me, it is worth every penny. I've spent WAY more on games not near as good. Do yourselves a favor and play something that is actually worth your time.

The other is a book. How Fiction Works by James Wood is, by and large, the best book on writing I've ever read. It's such a down to earth approach that anyone, writer or not, will appreciate his dissection of the craft of writing. Though I love my teachers, I feel like I've learned more from this one book than from any of them. (Sorry, guys.) If you have any interest in fiction, you should read this book.

With that, I've got just about everything covered. More Gibberish tomorrow. New We've Got Brains. Have a wonderful evening.

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