Friday, September 19, 2008

This Weekend Will Not Be Fun

First, after work, I need to go grocery shopping. YAY! This will be followed by a fun time trip to the DMV! YAY! At least I'm going for some tasty food tonight. Then tomorrow should be a wonderful day. Sunday though, will be filled with paper writing! YAY!

And on top of that, I'll have next week's comics to start getting together. I'm in the midst of finding some guest artists for Gibberish. Since I'm basically taking long forgotten doodles, then finding good words to put with them, I'm seeking any artist willing to pass me a forgotten doodle and allow it to become a part of Gibberish. I figure this way, it isn't much work for the artist, they get to showcase more of their work, and I receive a day off from compiling my doodles into something more than bordem induced hallucinations. SO, if you're an artist with some beloved drawing or doodle that you've had no idea what to do with, send it my way with "Gibberish Guest Art" as the header to clicktrackheartblog(at)gmail(dot)com. I can't pay, but you'll get full credit for the art, a nice introduction by yours truly, and I'll link to whatever pages you wish. It'll be one more cred for your CV. What have you got to lose? (Plus, it will appear on two sites, here and on my page at, totalling anywhere from 75-160 visits per day.)

Now that that shameless plug/request is over and done with, I'm off to figure out what movies come out today and whether or not there will be time to see one.

Have yourselves a wonderful weekend, and don't forget your fancy walking (see below).

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