Monday, September 29, 2008

Good Monday

Whenever I have a bonus comic on Fridays, it feels like I haven't written anything in forever--at least on the blog. I hope you enjoyed our first guest comic by Aleric. If you did, drop him a line or spend some time reading Hell Has Found Me.

As for me, the weekend was rather full but still laid-back. Went to Dave and Buster's on Saturday night, playing me some random arcade games and shooting the crap out of some spiders and things on a weird shooter called Go Jungle Safari, or something. Then on Sunday, I went to Nebraska City, met some colleagues, and enjoyed getting hit on by a 50+ waitress. I also was introduced to the wonder of a Dr. Pepper ICEE. I think my heart stopped at the thought, then I drank one, and it wasn't nearly as good as I'd wanted, but trying new things is always good, right?

But the best news of the weekend came in the form of a packet return from my mentor, Patricia Henley. Her kind words and suggestions boosted by writing ego back to where it should be--a little above thinking that every word I write is crap. In fact, I must leave you to write my response to her.

Gibberish tomorrow, starting off a special Robot Week--a theme that will come along rather frequently, I'm guessing, along with angels and zombies, too.

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