Monday, September 8, 2008

Drilled Teeth = Burning Cheetos

Every time I get a filling or work done on my grinders, I'm always disturbed by the smell of burning Cheetos eminating from my mouth. I like Cheetos, and grinding teeth and Cheetos is not a connection I would like to make. Makes me wonder what other peoples teeth taste like. Must be nice to by a cyclops, or some other man-eating monster.

I bring this up because I now have a plastic temporary crown in my mouth. They told me that if it pops off, I can remedy the situation temporarily by rubbing Vaseline on the inside, then stuffing it back over my original tooth's remains. Who knew Vaseline was so versatile?

At least I'm more on top of things this week. Gibberish will drop at Midnight. Same goes for Thursday. There is even a possibility of a bonus comic this week, since I'm so on top of things. Plus, I may end up with a guest artist for either Gibberish or We've Got Brains. You can find her work here. And if any of the rest of you are interested in providing artwork for either of my comics, just contact me: clicktrackheartblog(at)gmail(dot)com, and I'll see what we can do.

Oh, and I saw Animation Show vol. 4. Very much worth your time. Mayhap I'll get a review up for it this week, but the way things have gone, I doubt it. *sigh* Apparently I need to start taking speed to get everything done in my 24-hour days.

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