Friday, August 8, 2008

You Have to Wonder

As I'm checking my email today, there is this advertisement for True dating. There is this girl bobbing and bouncing in her tiny square world, trying to have a good time "listening" and "rocking out" to her music. Yet it's on about a twenty second loop, where this poor girl just keeps dancing and dancing and dancing, boiling her entire personality into these few moments of: "I'm sexy and having so much fun. Click this ad for girls that are nothing like me..."

Not only do I have to wonder about the ad and all that it entails, but I also have to wonder what type of person is so desperate for affirmation and attention that they'll agree to be a dumbass for half a minute, then show it to the world. Though I suppose that this is answered by the fact that YouTube is more for stupid videos of stupid people doing stupid stuff than for anything else. And at least this girl is getting paid for it.

As this weekend rolls in, I'm happy that I was able to have all three comics up and running this week. Hopefully this trend will continue--even more so once I get my tablet (which my eBay auctions are going much better than I thought they would be). In the meantime, I have an anniversary-tastic weekend--my wife and I are celebrating four years--and will include a viewing of Pineapple Express, and a review will be up, at the latest, on Monday. I would've seen it earlier, but you know, life got in the way.

Until Monday, good people.

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