Monday, August 18, 2008

Why We Don't Have Personal Soundtracks

Today is a heavy day. I woke up yesterday morning, ready for the new day and all the packing it entailed, and my egg sandwich breakfast was interrupted by a phone call from my brother. My Grandma had died earlier. A rude awakening that all to many of us have received at some point or another.

After talking to him for a while, I tried to do the best I could to keep to my task and keep my mind off the sadness creeping through my every limb. It worked for awhile, the music from my computer playing in the background, serenading the day as my wife and I packed box after box after box. (I hate moving.)

At one point, we were so graciously awarded with Kelli's "Milkshake" to fill our earholes. So I come dancing into my wife's and my room, thinking it will be funny, only to find her crying, holding an envelope from last Christmas with my Grandmother's handwriting on the front. I held her and we cried--with Kellis telling us she'd teach us, but she'd have to charge. It made me think of all those times that I wished my life had a soundtrack, and how often certain songs will pop up on my Zune and be so fitting with my current surroundings. Then this happens.

I guess it just shows that there is always some humor in tragedy.

Gibberish tomorrow. Possibly a review for Star Wars: The Clone Wars up by today... if not, then tomorrow.

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