Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Seeped in the Magical Realms

My critical essay is starting to take over my life--now that I've actually started the thing. Consequently, I'm stuck in figuring out the whys and hows of good magical realism, and--more importantly--where and how it differentiates itself from plain old fantasy.

It's a very odd distinction that we humans have decided to take part in: labeling. Why things need to be broken down into different categories, only to then be split into sub-genres, then sub-sub-genres, then the whole thing is screwed up by genre cross-overs. The whole thing is ridiculous. The fact that many different books and authors have absolutely no say as to how they are marketed is somewhat frightening. They merely look to which "label" will sell the most units. Stupid if you ask me, especially when there are so many genres with amazing writing but are frowned upon by the "literary" circle.

Whatever, though. I suppose that when my novel gets published, I'll be excited, regardless of whether or not they want to market it to eight-year-old cosplayers.

More Gibberish tomorrow. And the Pineapple Express review is up here, with a good chance of a review for Tropical Thunder showing up tomorrow.

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