Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ready to Get the Balls Out of Lincoln

And I'm not talking about a vasectomy or any such thing. It's just a crude way of saying that I'm going on vacation, and you'll come to realize that I'm a fan of the vulgar phrases. While I try not too use to much profanity in my normal vernacular, it does leak into my fiction and comics. I do this when it feels necessary, because every now and again, you just need a good "fuck."

Okay, so if you're still with me, I tip my hat and thank you for pressing on. I thought about linking the above phrase, but I fear what I might find if I type such a thing into Google.

Anyway, to get back to my original rant, I'm about to head off to Phoenix, Arizona, where I will be spending the next few days with my two brothers, step-sister, neice, and mother. The only thing I have planned for the trip is seeing yon Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Sure, I've heard that it is only so-so, but seriously, who DOESN'T want to see this? Other than that, I plan on some chilling--as much as Arizona allows--and a bunch of reading and writing. There is only a little over a month until my residency, and I've got a wee bit o' work to do to get a good draft of my current novel. Perhaps I'll throw up some excerpts when my life is boring and I have nothing witty to say.

I've tried to plan it out so that my trip will not change my update schedule, and honestly, I'll probably be updating even more, since I'll have things to say, and I've got a surprise up my sleeve.

See you in Phoenix.

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