Thursday, May 15, 2008

Does This Make Sense to Anyone Else?

I've come to believe that there are malevolent filing demons in our heads. Seriously, I don't have any other explanation for the way our experiences get sorted out and stuffed into some cranial corner, only to be plucked out at random by some slimy beastie that wants nothing more than to annoy us off for the day. This said beastie decided to pluck a media file from my head and let me relive the great history of a time in which Encino Man was the coolest flick around. And while I can't blame the film--how could I, it has Brendan Frasier, Sean Astin, AND Pauly Shore in his prime--I will forever shake my fist at the bald noggins of Right Said Fred. After an hour of wandering about the house, strutting my stuff, and repeating the song like some demented Macaw, I forced myself to download the track and ease my need for "I'm Too Sexy."

Having slated my craving, I--big surprise--got bored at work and started googling random bits, one of which led me to a music search site. This wonderful searching tool allowed me to stumble upon this band.

For some reason, I've become rather obsessed with foreign hip-hop/rap over the years. In terms of the American offerings, I can't help but shake my head with sadness, wondering how anyone could see/listen to this and think, "Yeah, that's awesome." Though there are a few bands that fill my syllable craving stomach: this one, and this one, and this one. Back to my original rant, I stumbled across the gloriousness of the afore-linked rap artist, which prompted me to continue my search. I googled Russian Rap groups and found a list of artists. I then went to a Russian sponsored MP3 site and was UNABLE TO LOCATE A SINGLE ARTIST. Tell me, please, how does this make any sense? A Russian site that does NOT offer Russian rap artists... Whatever sense it does or doesn't make, it pisses me off. In the meantime, I will rock out to my "Crap" album and smile, wondering what my file demon will dredge up next.

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