Friday, July 24, 2009

Bring the Ink and Gibberish

Alright, literary peeps. Today is the drop-date for Bring the Ink Issue o, "The Taste of Ink." It will probably be later this afternoon before everything is available, but be sure to check back for an evening filled with prose, poetry, and comics. You won't be disappointed. (There's even an exclusive Gibberish.) Be SURE TO CHECK THIS PLACE OUT, and if you want to be a part of it, BE SURE TO SUBMIT.

In other news, Gibberish turns one year old next week. It's amazing to think that this side-project of mine has been going steady for a year now. Not too many readers still, but I believe that those of you that DO read, do so faithfully. Thank you for supporting me this past year.

And to celebrate in style, Gibberish will be updating EVERY DAY NEXT WEEK, starting on Sunday, July 26, and running until Friday, July 31. Nothing but guest artists, too. They've got some great work lined up for you, including: Aaron Stueve, writer of the on-going Blue Water Comic, The Legend of Isis; Gregg Paulson, a noted comic artist; Erik Jagger of the Agonizing Trifles fame; Matt Stout, who produces Big Sandy Gilmore; Byron Remple, who gives us the Daily Zombie; and guest comic alumni, Scott Aleric from Hell Has Found Me.

So yes, TUNE IN SUNDAY, not Monday, to kick off an awesome week of comics. I'm sure you'll love each of them as much as I did. Have yourself a good week, and I'll see you in August.

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