Friday, July 10, 2009

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

My wife and I finally had a chance to go see Blue Sky's newest flick. Let me preface this by saying that didn't really like the first Ice Age, and while the second one was a bit better, I wasn't expecting to be wowed by this one either.

And my expectations were met.

This isn't a bad film--in fact, it's probably the most enjoyable of the series--but much of its charm comes from the direction and the technical prowess. Ice Age 3 has some of the most fun camerawork I've seen in an animated film in quite awhile. Granted, many of the shots were--most likely--composed for the sole purpose of 3-D, but they made for some very interesting angles and movements. Granted this isn't something that will drive you all to the movie theatre, but the animation itself just might. (Though I saw this in 2-D, I think it will look even better in a 3-D theatre.)

Really, these animated films are simply becoming jaw-dropping, they're starting to look so good. I think Blue Sky has their textures down pat. The fur on the animals, contrasted by the leathery dinos is simply gorgeous. I don't know if it was much--if any--improvement on last year's Horton Hears a Who (and I'm just talking about looks here, as Horton is MUCH more entertaining), but Ice Age 3 is another tiny step up in the animation ladder.

The best recommendation to this is that if you enjoyed the others, you'll enjoy this one. And if you're like me, and didn't really care for the others, this one is a few ounces better. Granted, it's not going to convert any new fans to the series, but there are a few amusing moments and sequences that--for me--made it worth the admission price.

(On another note: I should be doing another podcast with Drew today, that will add the link to on Monday. It will/should be about our dual hatred from the atrocity that is S. Darko. In the meantime, have a fantastic weekend, and don't forget to submit something to the online journal, Bring the Ink, I'm working on.)

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