Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fanboys, and I Sort of Lied

Last night, my wife, a friend of ours, and I watched Fanboys. It is a surprisingly amusing film with a collective cast of recognizable folks throughout. From as big of names as Seth Rogen and William Shatner, this film has cameos from Star Wars stars, Kevin Smith, Chris McDonald (aka Shooter McGavin), and many more.

While this might not be the comedy of the year, it is much better than expected. I feared that it might be a film for strictly the hardcore Star Wars fanboys, but director Kyle Newman, has made more of any everyman Star Wars nerd film, one for those of us that have seen the episodes 4-6 more times than we care to admit, but feel like George Lucas killed his own franchise with the newer films.

Check this one out if you have 90 minutes to spare, and you like a bit of nerd with your humor.

As for my sort-of lie, I'm referring to the cost of my Gibberish collection that I mentioned back on Monday. I thought it would be around eight bucks, but after some more searching. I found that what I had in mind would be closer to $15.00. SO, in light of this, I think I'm going to pull together both a cheaper collection--still probably around eight bucks--and have a Collector's edition that will run about $15.00. Either of these might be a bit cheaper, but I can't be sure until I really get down into the nitty gritty of it all. Basically the regular edition will probably just be a magazine/comic book style book that will simply collect the comics of this last year. The Collector's Edition will be a small trade paperback that will include commentary on each of the comics over the years, how it came to be, what I was thinking when I drew/wrote it, and--if possible--I'll collect the illustrated story I wrote back towards this blog's beginning. I'll keep you all posted as this develops.

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